Our Business



Our development project team in the field of expertise is continually working on development of new machinery.
We carry out highly detailed examinations of the products during the design stage using 3D CAD software.
We also conduct repeated inspections and verifications of the precision and reliability of the machinery using measuring equipment.

3D CAD Design

We also have excellent testing facilities for examining machines and conducting tests for use in development.
We can provide a diverse range of data measurements, thorough inspections, and verifications for use in quality confirmation.We receive samples from a client for a test and return them after conducting detailed measurements.

  • 3-D Image Measuring Machines
  • Digital Microscopes
  • Surface Roughness Testers
  • Surface Roughness Testers
  • Laser Microscopes
  • HS Deburring Machines
  • ET II Deburring Machines
  • Clutch Plate Deburring Machines
  • FBC Deburring Machines
  • FBM Deburring Machines
  • Ceramic Jet Scrubbers
  • NT Deburring Line
  • Jet Scrubbers