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Our team supports leading manufacturing industries by consistently providing high quality and technological experience in the deburring and surface treatment fields.

At the machinery division, our team have consistently provided top-level technological expertise in the deburring and surface treatment fields, over the 40 years since the company was founded.
Mobile telephones and computers are an essential part of everyday modern life, and printed circuit boards are a vital component required to make them. The machinery division has developed a diverse range of printed circuit board manufacturing machinery since the beginnings of printed circuit board production, and established our manufacturing process from scratch. Mobile telephones, computers and other elecronic devices continue to become more and more compact with increasingly complex functions, resulting in ever higher precision requirements for circuit boards, as characterized by the build-up production method. Our machinery has continued to evolve and expand in order to respond to these market demands and has been recognized internationally in the leading circuit board circles. With a top-range share of the global market, we contribute greatly to circuit board development and evolution. Our technology is also utilized in the parts for electronics devices using Ceramic circuit boards.
Further, we have also applied the many years of experience in surface deburring technology that we have gained through the printed circuit board manufacturing machinery sector to develop new machines for a diverse range of applications, including the deburring of automobile parts. We have made a start on flexible circuit board manufacturing machines and have supplied various chemical treatment machines to the market, including electrolytic copper plating machines.
Moving forward, we will endeavor to develop new technologies and expand into even more diverse industries, based upon our foundation in surface deburring and surface treatment technology.

Our machinery supports the manufacturing industry in a diverse range of sectors.

  • Electronics Industry
    Ishii Hyoki polishing and surfacing machines are used in the production of printed circuit boards, FPCs and electronic parts for use in electronic devices such as mobile telephones.
  • Automobile Industry
    Our deburring machines are used in the surface treatment of clutch discs, brake pads, and other automobile parts.

  • Aqua clean system
    Aqua clean system would form automatically and pump it the 'electrolyzed water(electrolysis hypochlorous)'.

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