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Cutting-edge inkjet systems backed by proven performance, reliable technology, and an abundance of experience in mass production

Our products boast a leading share of the global market for large-size PI inkjet systems for liquid crystal displays. Advanced proprietary technology and our abundant experience in inkjet mass production enable us to offer reliable inkjet systems compatible with small to large substrates for both trial and mass production. We also offer comprehensive maintenance services and are expanding into new fields to better meet customer needs.


Ink use efficiency: up to 99% *1
Ink use efficiency is greatly enhanced by a unique fluid supply system and an expanded lineup of printheads.
*1: Ink use efficiency will vary depending on the usage conditions.
Ink tuning consultation services
An expanded lineup of printheads enables use of ink in a wider range of applications.
(Model IP400 for high viscosity ink and ink with filler)
Please contact us for more details.
From thin to thick films
One-pass coating enables forming of both thin and thick films. Repeated coating enables even thicker films.
Superior in-plane uniformity
Superior uniformity is realized by our original inkjet technology.
Irregular surface coatings
Even substrates with an irregular surface can be coated by ink jetting.
Efficient pattern application is achieved using application patterns automatically prepared from CAD data. (Model IP400)
Pinpoint accuracy
Pattern application technology makes it possible to pinpoint recessed areas. (Model IP400)
Full lineup including an all-in-one type inkjet system
One unit for everything from coating to curing

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