I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the continued kindness and support of our shareholders, investors, clients and market associates.
It is my great pleasure to present below our financial achievements for the January 2017 consolidated fiscal period.

Looking back on our consolidated accounts for the January 2017 fiscal period, I am proud to report sales figures of around \9,406 million JPY, an overall profit of around \416 million JPY, and profits throughout three consecutive periods.

In May 2016, financial support (relaxed lending terms) from our correspondent financial institutions ended following repayment of our pro rata applicable loan, having formed a syndicated loan arrangement. In relation to this, we have also removed the section titled "Notice regarding the premise of a going concern" from the consolidated accounts of the first quarter of the January 2017 fiscal period.

In August 2016, our company procured CAP Co., Ltd., making it a subsidiary of Ishii Hyoki, and the synergy effect resulting from their technological expertise has allowed our company to forge ahead with the development of new machinery.
In September of the same year, we also received a high-volume order for large inkjet machines, and our employees are currently working together as one united team in preparation for shipping and delivery.

While the path has not always been smooth, our company executives and employees will continue to make our best endeavors as one team, pushing ahead to achieve even greater successes and further improve our business value. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your encouragement thus far, and humbly request your continued support and custom moving forward.

April 2017
Executive Chairman, Director and Company President
Mineo Ishii